What Clients Are Saying

My experience has shown me that the mainstream real estate approach for a unique luxury property does not work as well as the very transparent luxury auction method specifically targeted to buyers who would be seriously looking for unique homes. This is exactly how my home was sold after previously failing with 3 other well known agencies. I met Kathy Clark at a unique luxury property open house in San Clemente. After being disappointed with the lack of results with my 3 previous realtors, I was intrigued to hear a different approach that was very transparent and up-front with a specific plans to achieve the seller’s goal. I did further research and realized much is changing quickly in our world today and perhaps the old methodical approach to sell a luxury property will not be the success stories of the near future. In the first few weeks after listing my home with Harcourt’s I had more qualified, interested and motivated buyers see my property than the combined total numbers of all three previous realtors. (over 499 days on market compared to 62 at close of escrow) Kathy's approach to Open Houses in Three Arch Bay was very successful and made it easy for me to know and plan my time for showing the property. It was very time efficient and professional process and I found a real advocate that concentrated on selling my home. The Harcourt Auction process is worth giving serious attention to if you are thinking of selling your home in the future. I highly recommend you talk to Kathy Clark and give her a chance to explain how this approach can work better for you and achieve your goals sooner rather than later. Wendy S.

Seller Seller

When we were looking for our most recent home Kathy was invaluable to us in our search. We had a lot of questions about location, property type, and loan qualification. Kathy provided some vital information that really helped us make the best choice. She showed us numerous properties that fit our requirements and was helpful and knowledgeable in reviewing the pros and cons of each property. She took a lot of time to really understand what we wanted and what we were trying to accomplish. We had short term and long term goals and she took time to ask the right questions. We not only felt good about moving forward, but she was really able to guide us to the most optimal property for us. I talked to a few other realtors and none of them sat down with my husband and me to get a clear picture of our situation and goals. They seemed motivated to find us a home, but didn’t seem interested in making sure they understood our needs and motivation. Kathy is an advocate for her clients and takes that role seriously. I felt comfortable and confident moving forward with her and the guidance she provided. We are very happy with the home we purchased. I would recommend Kathy for her integrity, work ethic, and being really committed to what is best for her client. Cynthia

Buyer Buyer

​The bottom line is that Kathy was amazing! She was awesome! As always Kathy is meticulous in assisting us in finding a new home. She was always available, and extremely attentive. Once we decided on a new home, she took care of every detail and then some. The other agent and homeowner were a real challenge but Kathy handled all the issues, never even alerting us unless it was critical. She really went the the extra mile, as she always has on every transaction. She’s wonderful! Jeanne B.

Tenant Lease

When I needed to move my 98 year father out of the home he had lived in for the past 8 years I was confused and overwhelmed. I felt a great deal of responsibility to make sure I was making the best decision for him, and secure his estate. The home was in disarray and had not been optimally maintained. I called Kathy and immediately knew I had made the right choice. Kathy was able to come in and evaluate the situation and make recommendations to ensure the best next steps. There was a good amount of work that needed to be done to prepare the home for sale. Kathy walked me through my options and provided suggestions and guidance on the items that needed to be done. Because I was focused on getting my father moved and settled I was not able to coordinate the work needed. Kathy provided a very strategic game plan to get everything done in a timely manner. It was a huge undertaking and Kathy had the resources to help with clearing out and prepping the home; she truly orchestrated the efforts. Kathy was patient and compassionate with what I was dealing with, and was always considerate and conscious of any concerns I had. She made sure I completely understood and agreed to the process and how we were moving forward. Having that trust in someone was comforting and I always felt she was and advocate for me, and my father’s estate. Her knowledge and experience was vital in providing the right solutions and successfully selling the home. I can confidently recommend Kathy, knowing that you will be in good hands. Her care and integrity is exceptional. She went above and beyond to ensure we had a quick and seamless home sale. Kristin

Seller Seller

I have known Kathy for over 20 years so I know her integrity and work ethic. When it was time for my fiance and me to sell our home Kathy was the first person I thought of. I trust her implicitly and know that she truly cares about her clients and will always guide and support them to make knowledgeable and well thought out decisions. I appreciate Kathy’s communication style because throughout the transaction she was always extremely responsive and kept us informed of the status and what timeframes to expect. She is very patient and willing to help. We were also very intrigued by the Harcourt’s Auction Platform because I have seen friends who had their home on the market for several months with no activity. We liked the fact that this model creates competition and a sense of urgency with buyers. The fact that we were in control and prospects could only view our home at the Open House, when Kathy was present, made us feel very comfortable. Not only does Kathy care about her clients, she is a great resource and provides a great level of experience if issues arise. Two things come to mind. We accepted an offer and the buyer’s financing fell through. Immediately we were informed and within a week Kathy had another buyer writing an offer. Also, all documents to be signed are online now and that is very convenient, yet a little intimidating. Kathy was there to walk us through the process and make sure we executed everything correctly. Alaina D.

Seller Seller